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1862 - 1968

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Portsmouth - 150 year, Post Reunion.
Greenwich - The Last Hurrah, Post Reunion.
Roger Morris’s new painting of the Worcester has been produced as a fine print and is available from Roger. 
The painting is set in the 50s and depicts the sort of Lovely Summers day that we all remember, I am sure.

Roger was a cadet on the Worcester from 1951 to 52 and is now a well know and respected Artist living and working in New Zealand.

Roger and I communicated via E-mail and as of 2nd April 2022 I cannot raise him either on his web site or via e-mail. I do hope he is OK. If anyone is aware of his whereabouts then please let me know.

Update !! I have recently found out that Roger has crossed the Bar. A sad loss.
I had some dealing with Roger who was a gentleman and he allowed me - nay - encouraged me to use his work on my 2 Worcester sites. He had a very interesting life indeed and was an expert on old sailing ships being hands on with many.

I intend to make more of a feature and a celebration of his wonderful exquisite work on this page. I am sure he would be pleased with that action.

I would recommend getting hold of these two books by Roger. They are just superb.

OWs Contributions ~ 2 Relative's Contributions



OWs Contributions ~ 2 Relative's Contributions



Relative's Contributions ~ 4

These are just some examples of Roger’s wonderful work. His Web Site still works and is well worth a visit.

Click on the picture to get a slideshow of the construction.

Click on his picture above to go to Roger’s Site.

Click on the picture to go to a site page featuring the Original Painting

I am the proud and lucky owner of a Morris.
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