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1862 - 1968

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Portsmouth - 150 year, Post Reunion.
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Roger Morris’s new painting of the Worcester has now been produced as a fine print and is available from Roger. 
The new painting is set in the 50s and depicts the sort of Lovely Summers day that we all remember, I am sure.

Roger was a cadet on the Worcester from 1951 to 52 and is now a well know and respected Artist living and working in New Zealand

Here is his Web Site address and it is well worth a visit. HERE   Some details on Roger HERE

The painting size will be 1000mm x 750mm. Approx 39” x 29”

Place your pointer over the small picture to see a bigger one.

This is the finished print.

You will note that the colour is brighter and more summery than has been shown on this page so far. That is down to the camera used.

This picture is very close to the print colour and has been checked against my print that I received from Roger recently.

Click HERE to go to painting on Roger’s site